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What is Your Web Presence?

Your web presence is how you appear and how you come across on the Internet. In most cases the Internet is now your most valuable form of advertising. Your web presence consists of many things, but a key part is having a current, appealing and smart-looking web page, where people can go to learn more about your business.

The first way people learn about you is through Google maps. Most people use Google, which ties in to Google Maps. If I were to search for say, restaurants in Hayden, ID, and I were to click on a restaurant close to my home, I would get something like this:

a business WITH a web presencea business with NO web presence

The restaurant on the left has a website. The one on the right does not. How would a potential customer know what you serve? What is your menu? Where are your prices? What does your restaurant look like?

Or look at the Business Aggregator Sites, the online directories.

a business WITH a web presence
a business with no web presence
These are usually very near the top of all Google small-business searches. Compare these random listings from The first business has a website where a consumer can get more information, while the second does not.

Without a current website, new customers, visitors, or people moving into the area, do not know who you are. They will probably not drive out of their way to find out. You may not be given the chance to make another first impression. When people click on your site, they want to know A contemporary website is a chance for you to place your best foot forward. You have thought carefully about so many aspects of your business — the decor, the product, the furniture. Perhaps you offer services unique to your area. A website is the perfect place to tell your story, because it is a place you can completely control!

"But all this is too hard."

Not anymore. At Sesoken Website Services, I will work with you at a level you find comfortable. You can be involved in every step, or you can provide me with generalities, and I will take it from there. What are you hesitating for? You can have a website for only $250. Contact me today.

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