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8 Reasons to Get (or Refresh)
Your Website NOW

  1. Today's people judge you on your website.
  2. Many people now use Google Maps to locate business of all types. If your information on Google maps does not link back to a web page, people may think you are not serious or professional about your business.
  3. If your website layout is over four years old, or if you don't even have a website, you are probably out of date. It is time to update to a contemporary look and feel.
  4. Not having a website, is like not having a business card.
  5. A web page is where today's busy customers can check you out to see if you suit their needs. They may not drive out of their way, or even take the time bother to phone.
  6. Your web site is a great way to present yourself, your services, your high points, in a way that you control.
  7. Refreshing your website is cheaper than most forms of advertising.
  8. I can get you up, with a basic five-page website, in a contemporary look, using your logos and images, for only $250

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